4 ideas to promote your sports centre

In the world of fitness, competition is fierce and attracting new customers and keeping existing ones is fundamental to the success of any sports centre. Do you want to know the best promotions to achieve this? We give you 4 ideas to promote your sports centre!

Keys to designing an effective promotion for your sports centre


1. Research your potential customers

For a promotion to be really effective, it is essential to know who your potential customers are and what they are looking for. What are their objectives? What kind of promotions can attract their attention? If you don’t have a global idea of your buyer persona, it is very difficult for your promotion to work.


2. Come up with a really attractive promotion

Now that you know your buyer personas, you should come up with a promotion that will attract their attention and make them join your club.

Some examples of promotions could be discounts on memberships, personalised training, promotions on complementary services… The important thing is that it is attractive so that it pushes them to get to know your sports centre.

3. Establish the conditions of the promotion clearly

If you have well-defined terms and conditions, you will avoid many misunderstandings and conflicts. Define a start and end date, usage restrictions and any other information you consider important. You must be totally transparent if you want to position yourself as a trustworthy club.


4 ideas to promote your sports centre


1. “One friend for free” promotion

The idea behind this promotion is that existing customers invite a friend to enjoy the facilities for free for a limited time. If that guest decides to join the sports centre, the current user gets a reward. It’s as simple as that.

This works very well because you leverage your users’ contacts to get new ones. By giving them the opportunity to try out the facilities before they sign up, you build trust and they will be more receptive.


2. Celebrate your sports centre’s anniversary with a promotion

Anniversaries are the perfect time to celebrate and thank your users for their commitment. Why not take this opportunity and design an irresistible promotion? A popular way to do this is through a flash offer or special discounts for a limited period of time.

These promotions are effective because they generate a sense of urgency and motivate them to take the plunge quickly.


3. “If you leave a review on Google My Business, you get an award”

Online reputation has become an increasingly decisive factor in decision making. A good Google review can improve your online visibility and the perception that potential customers have of your club.

Offering a reward for the time and effort customers put into writing a review is an effective way to motivate them. Some options could be: discounts on the next monthly membership, a free personalised training, a merchandising product, etc. With this idea you leverage the power of online reviews to attract new customers while improving the reputation of your sports centre.

Having good reviews on Google My Business also sets you apart from the competition. For that, you need to focus on developing a value proposition focused on selling service and not price. 


4. Open day

This promotion allows potential customers to try out the facilities before they sign up. It also builds loyalty with your existing users, as they can invite friends and family to the club.

To implement this promotion, you can advertise it on your social media, website and in person at your facility. It’s advisable to set a specific day for the promotion or allow potential customers to choose their free training day based on availability.

It is important that you strive to create a personalised and positive experience. To do this, have a trainer to guide them through their training and answer all their questions and concerns. It is also important that you talk to them and adapt the workouts according to their goals or if they have not exercised before, for example.

In short, promotions can be an effective strategy to boost the growth of your sports centre. With the right promotion, you can attract new customers, improve customer loyalty and increase the quality of your services.

If you need help designing and executing successful promotions, book a free demo with us and find out how we can help you take your sports centre to the next level.




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